Squamish and stuff


Well, more accurately, stuff and Squamish. I’ll leave the climbing for the end for 1: the sake of chronological order and 2: maximum suspense. Although, if you just scroll down to the climbing I won’t be mad.

So. Is the suspense building?

I have been taking a sculpture class as an additional creative outlet. It’s a hands and faces class. I took an abstract class last year, but ended up making some hands and a face, so this felt like it’s a good fit.

Dsc 5054

I still shoot every day, but it’s kind of a chore. I need to find a project that’s both exciting and easy to shoot. Like a series. Or a miniseries even. Maybe i’ll make a little dude out of clay and parade him around Seattle or something.

Dsc 5058

What i’d kinda like to do is shoot more food prep and serving, but it’s really annoying to have all my light stuff set up. Also: dinner takes way longer if i’m shooting every step of the way. Hungry and need to take photos? 4 hour tacos!

Dsc 5096
Dsc 5137

It’s fun to bust out the macro extenders from time to time here too. I really like the look of the somewhat extreme ingredient closeups.

Dsc 5117
129: shallots are delicious
Dsc 5128

I think what has really made a difference for me in shooting food is my monster umbrella light modifier. The light that it produces is so pleasant and soft. It’s just great

I would totally carry both my light and the umbrella everywhere with me, but I feel like i would get weird looks if i rolled around Seattle with a studio light setup. Which is fine. I should practice shooting natural light also. Not only is it usually more readily available, but sometimes it’s just better than the strobes i have available. I ended up ruining a bunch of my Holies boulder by having a bare flash all up in the frame. So, it’s good to practice not having strobes

Dsc 5154
Dsc 5161
Dsc 5172

But where’s the fun in that? Practice of mastering the subtleties of shooting with available light is boring and hard. I don’t like boring. I’d rather do dramatic. Not easy, but dramatic.

Well. Thank you for bearing with me through my all-day-every-day-tedious-365-project stuff. Here’s what you came here to see, or should have, Squamish.

Dsc 5197
Josh working through the final moves on Black Hole [v11]

I don’t know if you know anything about Squamish, but it’s pretty humid there. And I don’t know if you know anything about bouldering at a high level, but I have observed that humidity is not great for it. And Josh wanted to get on a climb called Black Hole. It’s hard. Like, really, crazy super duper hard. V11 hard, if that means anything to you. So to not climb in the warm damp air, we had ourselves a little adventure. We got up at 4:45 am, gunned some coffee and rolled out to the boulder.

Dsc 5210
Josh on Black Hole [v11]

Josh warmed up on some easy stuff as the sun was starting to rise and got to it. He made solid progress, climbing every move on the problem in, like, 20-30 minutes. It was pretty inspiring to watch him casually do some of the craziest motion i’ve ever seen. Hands down the hardest move is this cross with… I can’t really describe it; well, here: here’s a picture instead

Dsc 5229
Crux to Black Hole [v11]

Right? Like, what even is that? What’s happening there? That thing is cool, though. The whole cave is radical. There’s a bunch of lines that criss-cross the face. And they’re all pretty good, but Black Hole is, man, it’s next level.

Dsc 5261
Josh on Black Hole [v11]

The only thing that sucks about getting up at 5 or whatever, is that by the time normal people wake up, you’re already worked. Well, the only thing that sucks if you’re trying to climb with those people, I mean. Taking photos is actually easier because I am no longer worried about sending. Instead, I get to take radical pictures of strong people working hard stuff.

Dsc 5297
Teal, working The Seam [v10]
Dsc 5332
Abby on Timeless [v5]

I can’t wait to get back there. Those boulders are just so good. And they’re so fun to shoot. I even managed to finally get a good photo of Timeless. That thing sucks to light without proper gear and because it sits in the shade, it sucks to shoot with natural light. Or maybe it’s just harder. Whatever.

Dsc 5339
133: No more climbing.

So to recap: Squamish is awesome, always bring studio lighting, follow strong people for best photos. Now, Let’s hope the weather holds for next week.