Chapter 2: wherein Greg goes west


Last time I left you in Indiana, bouldering in Mike’s Basement Boulders and hanging out with his little monster.

Let’s pick up here, I suppose. So. There I was, in Indiana, kicking it with Mr. Mike, getting ready for an adventure off into the Illinois boulderfields. Having climbed the previous 3 days in a row, i decided that Sunday will be my day of rest.

Dsc 4382
121: Mark working the Compressor route.

But then we met up with Mike and Kat’s friends and I ended up bouldering for, like, 2 hours. I even set a hard climb on the roof. Whoops.

I was gona head to bed at a reasonable hour, too, but we ended up talking about art, post processing, 500px, and a ridiculous publication I’m working on with Dirk and Mike, called War of Art. I’ll talk about that once I have something more than a rough draft of an outline and fragments of ideas. It’s pretty great so far though.

Anyway. Next up: Holy Boulders.

Dsc 4492
122: The approach to the Holy Boulders is lovely

The Holies is a really neat little area. At first, when we got to the parking lot, I was worried that we weren’t gona actually find the boulders. There’s not even a lot, really; just a middy pullout on the side of the road. And because it was 10 am on a Monday, we were completely alone. I ran up and down the road for a couple minutes and eventually found a faint trail. It’s kinda hidden, but it’s the only one, and when you walk down it, there’s a little sign welcoming you to the Holies and asking you to not trudge through private property

Dsc 4537
123: Paul warming up on Mollusk [v3]

The Holies have had access issues for a while because they are surrounded by private land, and are partially on private land, so if you do go, please be respectful. There’s more info on all of this here

Sadly I didn’t really get many climbing photos. Paul doesn’t really climb, so I had to shoot a bunch of landscapes, which - if you follow my blog, you will know - something i’m terrible at. But i think that these actually turned out okay. Mostly because they’re not real landscapes.

Dsc 4611
Dsc 4632
Dsc 4636
Our sweet ride. This thing was awesome. I want one now.
Dsc 4649

The only thing I care less about than landscape is street photography. Partially because I’m not very good about being all up in people’s faces when they’re having a moment worth photographing (arguments, crying, fistfights, etc) and partially because I think that much of it is dumb luck. But probably because I am bad at it. Where I’m going with this is: brace yourself for Kansas City street photos.

Dsc 4784
124: Kansas City crazies
Dsc 4847

It was kind of a surreal experience, actually. The downtown area is completely deserted. There’s buildings and people probably work there, but everywhere I walked, there were empty streets with no traffic. Like, none. Neat little town, though.

But a bit on the flat side for me.

Dsc 4999
126: Home, sweet home

Well, here we are. After a week and a day away from Seattle, i’m finally home and am pretty excited about it. It was great to see friends, and touch some new rock, but few things beat coming home to my lovely wife.