Did you know there's bouldering in Indiana?


This week is an exciting one because I get to visit my good friend Mike in the land of Indiana. Not because Indiana is exciting, but because good friend. Before that happened, i took a few whatever photos in Seattle.

Dsc 4137
Dsc 4151

Man, I don’t really know what the point is of me taking these photos. I might just stop. These are bad.

Dsc 4174

Anyway, here’s some climbing photos. The first day when I came over I was crazy jet lagged and groggy from only 4 hours of bad airplane sleep. It would probably have been best to take it easy and rest, but of course we bouldered for, like, 4 hours. I set a hard compression climb on the roof boulder and made some solid links on it.

Dsc 4201
118: Mike working the basement boulders proj

The next day we went out to the place where I actually started bouldering. That’s right, the first place i ever went bouldering outdoors was Indiana. There’s a pretty neat little line called Red Hot Chili Pepper [v7/8] that we go on. Mike’s done it before, but I really wanted to try it. I got all but one of the moves, but because I was fried from our session from the night before it did not go.

Dsc 4220
119: Mike working the Mascatatuck boulder day proj, Red Hot Chili Pepper [v7/8]

That’s ok. We had a blast and I really dig the pictures that I got. I wish I had my big light and an umbrella with me, but the umbrella and stand wouldn’t fit in my bag, so it’s just strobes for me.

Dsc 4223
Dsc 4328
120: King Liam, the rightful heir to the Ewok throne of abysmal forest depths, stirs to challenge the Abomination Vorgash.

King Liam is Mike’s kid. He’s pretty cool.

Well, next up is the Holy Boulders in Southern IL and Kansas City. I’m so excited for the Holies, it’s unnecessary. Stay tuned!