Something about flowers, but also: Leavenworth.


You know the drill. Walking around is boring, blah blah blah. Here’s some flowers or whatever. Scroll past that to see the good stuff, though: Leavenworth.

Dsc 3873
Dsc 3878
Dsc 3913
Dsc 3925
Dsc 3961
Dsc 3986
112: Surely there's a statement on the nature of materialism in there somewhere
Dsc 4016

You made it! Sorry about all the flowers. I’ll make a bouquet later or something.

Anyway. Leavenworth.


On Sunday Abby and I rolled out to Leavenworth and met up with our friends Aaron, Josh, Teal, and Stacey. We had a pretty short day, but an exciting one (for me, anyway). I got on Resurrection (the v8 stand, not the 10/11 sit) and was to my surprise able to do it in, like 30 minutes.

Dsc 4059
Aaron on Resurrection Sit [v10/11]

Aaron showed up a couple tries before i sent it, so there’s no photos of me on it, but I got a few of him working through the opening sequence of the sit start. Man, that thing looks gnarly hard.

Dsc 4056
114: Aaron on Resurrection Sit [v10/11]

After that we headed over to meet up with Abby by Twisted Tree, but on the way convinced Josh to give Prism a few goes. Apparently Jimmy Webb hiked it in his tennies as a warmup, but Josh isn’t quite as tall, so it was less fun for him. I still got a pretty cool photo of him on it, so that’s something.

Dsc 4083
Josh working through the shapes of Prism [v9[
Dsc 4090
Josh running laps on Twister [v7]

After Twisted Tree and watching Josh casually cruise Twister [v7/8], we made our way up the canyon to try Tin Man [v6 stand, v7 sit]. It’s a really great problem, if you’re into heelhook compression. If not, it may not be the one to try. I thought it was fantastic.

Dsc 4111
Stacey on tin Man stand [V6]
Dsc 4113
Abby on tin Man stand [V6]

Abby and Stacey got close on it, but no send for them this trip. Next time though!

I’m not sure if i’ll be able to blagablag next week as i will be out of town visiting friends, but the following week I should have some photos from Indiana, The Holy Boulders, and Kansas City. Stay tuned!