Leavenworth yet again


Man! There are few things I like more than shooting granite bouldering with my monster Indra light. It’s just so nice. I mentioned earlier that climbing photography has kind of defaulted to becoming my main creative outlet. Even though it’s not exactly what i want to do, it is reasonably satisfying and I get to pracitce all of my lighting an compostion skills.

Dsc 3463
Josh working through the finishing moves on The Practitioner [v11]
Dsc 3512
Josh trying Coffee Cup [v9]

There’s something to it though. There’s just something about how the light is in these photos. It, to me, is so quiet and peaceful. Which I think is neat in how it is the opposite of the power of the motion.

Dsc 3535
Teal on Kobe Tai [v8]
Dsc 3568
John sending Kobe Tai [v8]

I like how these are turning out. I’m excited to shoot more of these in the upcoming weeks. Especially Squamish. I bet there’s some incredible photos i can get in that forest. Yeah! This is gona be great.