Joe's Valley


It finally happened: we went to Joe’s Valley. It - man, you should go there - it’s pretty great. Even if you’re not into bouldering, you should go. It is just so very beautiful. I’m not any good at taking landscape photos, so please accept these climbing photos with the landscape as a background instead.

Dsc 2944
Abby climbing a fun v4 in the Better than Coffee area
Dsc 3053
Teal working through the opening sequence of Finger Hut [v10]

It’s always inspiring to travel with people way stronger than me because I get to see what’s possible.

Dsc 3135
Teal working through Bring the Heatwole [v7/8?]

Sometimes I get excited enough to try some of the harder problems. This oddly named ‘Bring the Heatwole’ climb is not only neat looking, but is actually quite doable. I worked through all of the moves on it and made it all the way to very end, but there’s some terrible holds at the top that are unforgiving after you’ve done ~15 powerful moves on a steep roof, and I ended up pitching off the top 4 times in a row on the last day we were there. Next time, though. Next time.

So, Joe’s Valley is actually 3 main areas. There’s the Left and Right forks of the national park, and there’s an area called ‘New Joe’s’. That area kinda sits by itself in the middle of the desert and the boulders are a short picturesque hike away

Dsc 3161
Approach to the New Joe's area

New Joe’s, if you don’t know, is home to some classic problems, like Chips and Resident Evil.

Dsc 3183
Natalie working the opening sequence of Chips [v7]

Sadly Josh sent Resident Evil when Abby and I were in another canyon, and I didn’t get to document his send; but I did get to watch Malise and Stefan work on it. Man, that thing is crazy looking. The pictures don’t really do justice to just how steep it is: 45 degree wall with just the worst little shallow pockets - well, here; look:

Dsc 3292
Stefan on Resident Evil [v10]
Dsc 3297
Melise on Resident Evil [V10]

And, arguably my favorite part of this trip was getting to see Abby take down Kill by Numbers. Such a great line!

Dsc 3227
Abby sending Kill by Numbers [v5] with authority

Man, it’s too bad that we only had 4 days there and I spent one of them with a busted back. I want to go back and hang out for, like a week. I’m not usually a desert person, but Joe’s is next level!