no flowers


Fewer flowers, as promised. As has been the theme, this week is just about taking photos as time allows. I was pleasantly surprised by how some of these turned out though.

Dsc 1508

Not this one. This one is terrible.

Dsc 1539

I’ve been walking around with my camera in its own little raincoat. It 1: is adorable and 2: lets me photograph in the rain without having to also have an umbrella all up in my business.

Dsc 1546
Dsc 1554
Dsc 1575

The weather has been bipolar the past few weeks, alternating between sun and torrential downpour with hail every couple of hours. It’s hard to predict when it’s going to be nice and for how long, but I tried my best to take advantage of it.

Dsc 1607
Dsc 1649

Except Sunday. Sunday we ran ~6 miles in the rain, so I was done being outside even when it did finally burn off. Instead I got out my big light and played around with the only thing I’m worse at than portraits: food. I think the light could stand to be a bit softer, but this feels like a move in the right direction.

Dsc 1682
Dsc 1688
Those little extender tubes finally came in handy

Also: I feel like the black countertop makes the food look less inviting than something like wood would. Maybe I’ll get myself a nice big cutting board and see what that looks like.