Photography is one of those things that requires time. And time has become a precious commodity in the last couple of weeks. I tried really hard to have a theme this time around, but wasn’t even close. Also: sure feels like my last post wasn’t particularly well received and the consensus was that it turned out a bit forced. Honestly, I agree.

Dsc 0344

So instead of trying to force some sort of connection here, I’ll leave you with some photos.

Dsc 0401
Dsc 0418
Pretty much all I want to do after work instead of taking photos.

The days are still so short. It’s dark by the time I get off work. Taking photos in the dark underneath the electric light of street lamps is not exactly inspiring.

Dsc 0428
Dsc 0448
Dsc 0462

It sure feels bad to post garbage like this here, but I committed, so here we are. You’re welcome, world. Some days photos just don’t come out the way they should and this is the kind of crap that’s the least bad of the set.

Dsc 0487

Oh well. There’s always next week. Hopefully It’ll be better, now that I’m inspired to avoid the shame of posting this kind of garbage.