Time eats the days and the weekend comes. Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes it rains. People meet and enjoy their time away from the hectic movement of the work days. We talk about nothing and think of nothing. We get away from city life and hide in our houses. It’s all smiles.

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But the weekend comes to an end and downtown fills up. Everyone is going somewhere. Everyone is in a hurry.

Dsc 0219

Some are working at the office, some at the coffee shop. Can’t stop working even during lunch. There’s so much to discuss, but so little time.

Dsc 0230

Hours tick away and it’s time to go home. It’s late. We’re tired. An army of buses carries us home. As the mind churns away reprocessing all of the events of the day, the eyes relax and we stare into the windows looking at nothing in particular.

Dsc 0252

It’s already the middle of the week. Halfway there. Time to start dreaming of the weekend. Almost time to rest and abandon downtown once again. But not yet.

Dsc 0273

Another evening overtakes day. Another ride home. Passengers spend time together on pre-determined routes, hopping on and off of buses. People come and go.

Dsc 0306

Finally Friday is here. Almost time. Downtown is already starting to clear out. Some can’t wait and go home early, leaving behind all the technology and engineering we pour into the ever expanding heart of the city.

Dsc 0315

And as the weekend comes, so it sits, abandoned, in the rain.

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