so it begins


It’s been a little while since I finished my 365 project. I took a bit over a year off and here’s where I am: it’s nice to not be responsible for a photo every day, but it’s also a little sad to see my camera sit unused, collecting dust. I’ve struggled with inspiration, trying to do a 365 drawing project and the 52 blog post project here, none of which I’ve seen to completion. I think the blog, actually, has done ok, seeing as how I wrote ~30 blog posts this past year. But I’ve become complacent and my learning has slowed. It’s time to push myself again. I’m starting a new 365 project as of Jan 1st. I will also try to keep up on this here blagablag, but that’s not guaranteed, as it’s a bit more time consuming.

Dsc 9572


I don’t yet have a specific direction I’m going to take over all, but i think I have several things I’d like to work on.


This should not be surprising. Lighting all day, every day with this guy. But there’s tons for me to learn still, and the exploration leads to some immensely satisfying results. Mostly, I think I’m going to try and perfect my lighting in outdoors scenarios, making it look more natural, without losing the drama, as I’ve written about before.

Dsc 9585
Dsc 9775

back to basics

It’s never bad to revisit the basics, so I think i’m going to spend my non-climbing-lighting time focusing on composition, street photography and - when I have the time - story telling. I have a couple ideas for photo series, but they’re not fully developed yet.

Dsc 9804
Dsc 9825
Dsc 9855
Dsc 9865 1
Dsc 9905
Dsc 9940
Dsc 9949 2

The year is off to a great start with the Red Rocks photos, and with my new office location downtown, I’m excited to see what the next 356 days bring!