meanwhile, back at the ranch


OK. So there’s been lots of drawing going on. But worry not, if you like my photos: photos are incoming. Right now.

Dsc 3066


We went to Squamish again this weekend. I was particularly excited for this trip because I got a new light recently and really wanted to try it out. I didn’t get to use it a whole lot because it’s heavy and a pain to set up, but I’m pretty happy with the results from the one shoot I did get to do.

Dsc 3183

After carrying around my camera bag, the light, and 2 large pads on the first day, I was exhausted, so I ditched the big light and a couple lenses for our adventures on day 2. We hiked out to this boulder problem that my wife, Abby, was working on. Having been to this boulder a hundred times, I wanted to do something new with it to try and break out of the standard way of shooting it. There’s only one position from which to shoot, so I needed to come up with something other than re-framing. The forest was dimly lit and I thought that it might be neat to try and isolate the boulder with light.

Dsc 3344 2

This is something that I’ve been fascinated with for a while and have talked about before. I really like how it came out. There’s so much drama in the light. Because the light is coming up from the bottom, it looks somewhat sinister and mysterious. I love that. What do you think?