I’ve been keeping up on my drawings, day in, day out for 15 days now. So only 350 to go! Hm. Now that I say it like that, it feels overwhelming. Anyway. I’ve been doing it. Last time I mentioned that I tried drawing on photographs. That’s become my thing now. It’s tons of fun! But instead of talking about it, here:

Dsc 3037
Dsc 3031

I really enjoy these! I don’t have to worry as much about coming up with full compositions. I can drop a fun little thing into an already made photo (all of which are also mine) and be done. It’s pretty easy to do and it looks neat, I think. The one thing that bothered me a little was that with just pen on photo, the drawing itself looks transparent. The gryphon mitigates that by only being in the sky portion where there are no details. That’s fine, but it’s limiting. But here’s the good news: I have paints and I’m ok at using them. I tried a couple silly things that came out surprisingly well. This drawing, though, is probably my favorite thing that I’ve done in quite some time:

Dsc 3040 1
Onlookers gather to witness the majestic dance of the flying eagle whales.

I think i’m going to keep expanding on this theme. What do you think, dear reader?