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Dsc 0349

Once again, I don’t have a unifying theme to tie a post together, but rather a collection of disconnected thoughts and photos. This week’s selection is a few thoughts on contests, and as usual a little bit of climbing.

Dsc 0512
The wall i've been hitting with my photography.


As you may or may not remember, I made a tentative commitment to entering a contest every month. Well, you will be indifferent to know that I have not followed up on that commitment. After entering a couple of ViewBug contests and seeing the rat race that it is, I’m totally over that place. Certainly there are other contests, but I’m not that excited about entering contests just for the sake of doing it. There’s a contest held by Tamron to win their 150-600 and I’ll probably enter that. What I’m more excited is the DEDPXL assignments. I totally dropped the ball last month for the moody black and white, but this month should be fun too. Also: I can still use the photo idea I had last month. Instead of being moody black and white, it’s going to be a moody color self portrait. Yay.

Dsc 0403


I do a lot of climbing photography, but i’m far from mastering it. I’m far from mastering any kind of photography, really, but i’m working on it. This week’s efforts are around lighting and framing (surprise!).


When I first got my flashes, I didn’t really know how to use them and didn’t have a good eye for how much light is good an how much is too much. I’m sure I still have a way to go, but now I feel like I’m closer to where I want to be. Please tell me if you think otherwise, but I feel like my lighting has improved significantly since the days of this. There’s a good chance it’s because I know how to edit photos better (yay understanding tools!), but I’d like to think it’s also because I have gotten better at lighting.

Dsc 0545
Dsc 0550
Dsc 0574
Dsc 0587


I’ve also been playing around with framing more and more. All of the photos above are taken with my 70-200, at probably 200. I love shooting long. It’s my jam. My dream lens is the 200/2. But. Being an aspiring photographer, I figured it may be nice to push myself to work on using my wide angle lens. It’s something I’m not very good at, so I’m making myself practice.

Dsc 0595
Dsc 0608

I don’t know if these are Pulitzer grade photos, but I think it’s a good start. I’m quite pleased with both the composition and the lighting. Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions.