Where was I?


It has been a busy few weeks. As you may or may have not noticed I missed last week’s post and this one is late. I don’t really have anything I want to say. It’s just one of those weeks when this is less about inspiration and more about doing the work. And photos, of course. I have those. Lots of photos.

Dsc 0115
It's been kind of like this.

new neighbourhood

We’ve finished moving all the big stuff - furniture and the like - weeks ago, but all the random miscellaneous stuff, of which there turned out to be plenty, was still left. Man. Those little things strewn about that don’t nicely fit into boxes sure are a pain to pack. But it’s done now. Hooray! Now i get to explore the surrounding neighbourhood and the plethora of flowers that sprung up so very early.

Dsc 9650
Dsc 0192
Dsc 0166


One of the very nice things about our new place, flowers aside, is the fact that I have a somewhat dedicated studio space. I say ‘somewhat’, because it’s our guest bedroom. So it’s not totally dedicated space, but I can leave my lights up when we’re not having people over. My first victim was Mr. James. I’m quite pleased with how the photo turned out, along with the space itself.

Dsc 9871


Lastly, we’ve been climbing a bunch. This is the main reason as to why I didn’t post anything last week and why I’m late this week. We went bouldering. Here’s a photodump of those adventures.

Dsc 9889
Josh sending Backdoor Ass Attack [v7]
Dsc 9896
Guy whose name I don't know sending The Shield [v7]
Dsc 0248
Abby sending The Real Thing [v4]
Dsc 0273
Abby sending Toto(?)[v4]
Dsc 0293
Abby finishing the day off with a strong Undercling [v5] send
Dsc 0301
Mark throwing down on Superman [v10]
Dsc 0327
Abby looking spectacular in front of the moss by Pimpsqueak

Overall I’m pleased with the climbing photos. Last week I managed to climb the hardest boulder problem I’ve ever done (Cruise Control [v6]), sadly with no photos. This week I was pleased to document Abby’s best day of climbing ever with 2 v4s AND a v5. But this is all climbing talk in a photo blog, so I’ma try to keep to one set of jargon. What I’m saying is: while I haven’t really had the time or energy to shoot much, both Abby and I have been climbing strong. And that’s pretty good.