Faling into Winter


Oh, man. It’s been a little while, huh?

Before you get upset, I have a good reason.

It’s been really nice out. Like, REALLY nice. This has been one of the best seasons ever for me in terms of my climbing (I sent a couple of projects I never dreamt of being able to get off the ground) as well as my photography.


It sure seems like everyone is getting stronger all the time. It’s great to watch so many people break through plateaus and push themselves to try harder and harder things. Not only because that’s inspiring, but also because it makes for good pictures.

Teal on Musashi
Morgan scrambling up the Hourglass slab
Teal on Cole's Corner

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up. Let’s start where I left off: in October.

Abby happy to be outside, wrecked ankle and all

I mentioned in my last post that Abby wrecked her ankle. Turns out she not only rolled it, but tore some ligaments and possibly fractured bones. Gnarly, right? Ususally, this kind of injury takes many many months to heal to the point where a normal person can walk. But, Abby is not a normal person. Abby is unstoppable.

Abby on Emperor's Lightning on a wrecked ankle

A month after her injury she was back at it. Fearing the end of the Leavenworth season, we scrambled to get out as soon as Abby could weight her foot without too much pain and a weather window opened. At it turned out, the window was on Thursday

Brian on something hard up at the Star Wars boulders
Teal on Goicachea

Our fears about the weather, however, were unfounded. In a surprise turn of events it cleared up everywhere. We ended up going 2 days later and I even went to Squamish the next weekend. It was 32 and cloudy, but dry. Well, it snowed a little, but not enough to make the rock wet. I know that sounds miserable for normal people. But I’m not normal either. That’s perfect weather for me. It was the best weekend of climbing I’ve ever had.

Brian on Room Service


I don’t know if you’ve been reading my blaggerblags long enough to notice: every Turkey Day Abby, Teal, Josh and I go climbing in the desert. This year we went all out and made it a 10 day adventure in Bishop, CA and also Moe’s Valley, UT.


Last time I was in Bishop was 6 years ago. Abby and I were both sick and climbed maybe v3. If you’ve never been, Bishop is not a great place to come if you’re not a strong climber. The boulders are tall, the holds are small and hurtful on the skin.

Teal on Soul Slinger

But. If you can get past the skin pain and look around, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most popular destinations. It is spectacular. I know that the boulders got there through glacial flow, but it looks surreal. The boulders are - well, here. Just look

Mercedes hiking Flyboy Arete
Mercedes on Gleaming the Cube
Abby working through the moves on Milk the Milks

I mean, that’s not all of Bishop. There’s also the Tablelands down in the valley, but those are not nearly as spectacular. I don’t love that landscape, but I DO like a this one photo I got of Josh our last day there.

Josh on Redrum

I meantioned we also went to Moe’s for a few days. I didn’t get a ton of photos there as I shot just about everything there last year, but i did get one final shot of Abby on her nemesis Israil. It is done. Despite feeling wrecked from Bishop, Abby was able to take it down. Twice. In a row. Once for the initial send and once for the video.

Abby on Israil. For the last time.

Wellp. That’s about all I got. Other stuff happened in the fall, but these are the highlights. A whirlwind tour of fall bouldering. But I gotta run now. There’s a weather clearing.

Bishop sunset