Summer Granite


Let me tell you a story. It’s a story of joy and loss. A story as old as time, some say.

From the dawn of civilization, when the first boulder was sent, to present day, this story repeats itself, like a washing machine with a broken - you know what, that’s not a great metaphor. I could probably have - Okay. I got off track here. What was I - ?




In the magical kingdom of Squamish there lies a boulder, green with moss and white with chalk, known as the Golden Bowl. Legend has it: she who can conquer it shall receive everlasting joy. Or, at least, a solid five to ten minutes. Which really sounds entirely reasonable.

Howe Sound

In the year of our lord two thousand - I would bore you with details, but bouldering makes for a bad story, so I’ll get to the point: Abby sent it. Abby sent all the boulders: Golden Bowl, Golden Boy, Japanse Cowboy. Just everything. Total rampage. What joy there was!

Abby on the most Golden of Bowls
Abby on Golden Boy
Abby on Japanese Cowboy

But - uh - I also mentioned loss. Sadly, Abby’s loss. During a morning session at the Seattle Bouldering Project, she pitched off the top of a climb and injured her leg. Like, pretty bad. She can weight it, but that’s about it. We suspect there’s a fracture involved on top of the sprain.

Abby is rebooting. Please wait.

We were supposed to head back to Squampton this weekend, but obviously that was not an option. Instead I decided to see if I could take my selfie game to a new level. Where else to push the limits of ‘the 21st century self portrait’ other than mossy Index highballs?

Face Crack
The Engineer
The Architect

Sure it’s a little self indulgent, but I think they turned out okay. But if that left a bad taste in your mouth, here’s a picture of some blurry moss to clear you palette.


I know I promised a story and then derailed it because I got bored of it before I got into it, but it’s really better that way.

You are welcome.

Ta ta.