Seattle Bouldering Project 6th Anniversary Party


Oh glorious day! It’s been six whole years since the Seattle Bouldering Project opened and I joined as a member. Well – not to brag or anything, but – I actually joined before they opened, because that’s how committed i am to bouldering. But that’s neither here nor there. This isn’t about me. For once.

This is about SBP and all the people who make this gym possible, keep it running, and pay for it to stay open.

These are their photos:

Dsc 0276
Dsc 0288
Dsc 0291
Chad is always excited to set.
Dsc 0448
Practicing the art of flight. Also: some sort of popular trend among the children called "dabbing", or somehting. Get off my lawn!
Dsc 0500
Dsc 0496
Dsc 0506
Mercedes, always bringing the psych
Dsc 0507
Dsc 0508
Cassidy, painting all the children
Dsc 0514
Assisted send!
Dsc 0537
Dsc 0539
Dsc 0564
"Teamwork makes the dream work"? Right? Something like that? Something like that.
Dsc 0605
This truck had some bomb burgers. Next time i need a bacon prosciutto burger i will know where to go.
Dsc 0597
The staff relaxes by doing pullups. Because that's how they roll
Dsc 0589
Pull ups and figure fours.
Dsc 0591
Dsc 0616
Caesar Gino gazes upon his domain with pride.
Dsc 0627
Dsc 0644
The shirts are sweet. They match the newly painted walls so nicely!
Dsc 0657
Shoutout to the OR booth for handing out sweet coupons and keeping me company throughout the whole event
Dsc 0656
Revelers having a respite. Right? Revelers? Sure. Why not.
Dsc 0661
Dsc 0683
Captain Heelhook and The Heelhookers getting ready for heel hooking
Dsc 0693
The Gentlemen Dirtbags (i think) kept the place classy
Dsc 0713
Dino not currently dynoing, but I watched him, so I know it's possible.
Dsc 0726
Dsc 0728
Joy all around
Dsc 0731
I'm not really sure what Seam McColl is doing in this photo, but he was pretty intense about it.
Dsc 0732
I forget the name of this team, but the dude committed to wearing the volume the entire night.
Dsc 0744
Dsc 0756
Gripple Down Economics
Dsc 0761
There's something you don't see often: a bat-hanging chicken!
Dsc 0769
There were actually 3 of them and they were great. Lovely people, those chickens.
Dsc 0775
Dsc 0834
Jackson, The DJ rocked all day and all night with the longest continuous set I have ever witnessed.
Dsc 0844
Dsc 0862
Sean McColl climbing some dihedral magic.
Dsc 0869
Sampling the roof offerings.
Dsc 0875
Dsc 0879
Sean McColl warming up on the black circuit.
Dsc 0921
Brian working the top of something impossible-looking. As usual.
Dsc 0934
The crowds.
Dsc 0954
Sean McColl getting in one final flash as the crowds shifted upstairs in search of beer.
Dsc 0976
Dsc 0987
Dsc 1013
"Team Sriracha? That's original" - Gino
Dsc 1017
Dsc 1043
Dsc 1044
Dsc 1048
Dsc 1049
That's a pretty great space that SBP has.
Dsc 1059
Going strong after 12+ hours.
Dsc 1064
The afterparty.

Wellp, that’s about it. That was fun. I hope they let me shoot more of these events!

If you see yourself in one of these photos and want me to send you a higher rez image(or take it down), please don’t hesitate to reach out!