Wellp. It’s finally here. The season has come. The time of Leavenworth is upon us. And it is about damn time, too. Oh my god, is it about time.

Dsc 9215
Josh working the upper moves of The Peephole [v10]

We’ve finally started getting out on a regular basis. The weather is still a little flaky and the warmth is quickly approaching, but for now the conditions are good, the morale is high and we are out there every weekend, climbing. And that’s what matters.

Dsc 9291
Abby working the crux of The Hole [v6]
Dsc 9360
Josh smacking the sloper on Heaviness of the Load [v10]

It’s interesting to see just how much we’ve all progressed over the long winter. Since none of us have touched Leavenworth rock since November, it’s been hard to tell whether the training is paying off or not. Sure, I went to Chattanooga and climbed pretty strong, but I also have no reference. Did i get stronger? Did I try all the soft lines? Who knows!

Dsc 9429
Brian going for the finishing hold on Future Trippin' [v13]

But, no. I don’t think i did try all the soft lines. And I wasn’t the only one to see the gains from all the training we’ve been doing. I was able to send my long standing project, Millennium Traverse, Abby sent Sobriosity, Josh is looking really strong on his v13 project, and Teal sent her second v10 and is taking down 9s left and right.

Dsc 9456
Josh working the upper moves of Teacup [v13]
Dsc 9518
Josh firing the top of The Monarch [v10]

So, i guess, the silver lining to this nightmare of a winter – now that it’s over and I can look back at it with some perspective – is that in our efforts to stay sane by training a ton, we all got stronger.

So yay. I guess.