Leavenworth and stuff


Winters are hard for me. The dreary lifeless grey goop that is the Seattle winter sky is oppressive and unrelenting. If we go to the desert enough, I can stay sane, but this winter has been especially long and exceptionally dark. Sometimes as an outlet I paint. I used to grab reference photos from the internet, but I just do self-portraits now. It’s easier that way. I don’t know if i’ll paint this one, but I have the reference if I decide to.

Dsc 8963


Yeah. Anyway. Sorry about that. I had the photo and i thought it was cool. Whatever. OK. So. It’s spring now. Yay! Spring means one thing: Bouldering outside in the sun.

Dsc 9135
Abby dialing the moves Hueco Crimper [v6]

We met up with Teal in the morning and rolled to Leavenworth. I took it easy because I climbed a little the night before, but Abby was feeling strong. She worked through all the moves on Hueco Crimper in 15 minutes and started trying it from the start. On one go, she cruised through all the hard moves, got to the topout and then her foot blew off! Tragedy! Wellp. I guess that’s that for the day. Progress though. Let’s go watch Josh and Teal work Slingblade Low. Ok. One more try.

Dsc 9138
Abby Topping out Hueco Crimper [v6]

Just like that, it went.


I started a photo club chat room at work and a surprisingly large number of people joined it. We talk mostly about camera gear and f/stops and all that silly nonsense, but someone suggested photo “assignments”. The first one was long exposure. I don’t do a ton of it, because it’s annoying to lug around a tripod, but I’m usually pleased with the results, so I was pretty excited to have an excuse to shoot some.

I figured since we were by the river on the Hueco Boulder, I make use of the river and make a composite (idea stolen from Aaron Matheson). Despite being tired from doing a week long Bishop adventure, Teal was kind enough to try Joe’s Crimper for the photo. I kinda like how it turned out

Joe's crimper stitch
Teal working the moves on Joe's Crimper [v7]

Oh. One last thing: if you have a C-stand and a light on it with an umbrella and it’s windy, be sure to put weight on all the legs. My Indra 500 took a tumble and luckily was okay. The battery has something loose in it though. Oh well. Live and learn.