Leavenworth Through The Rain


Man. It has been a crap fall climbing season. Since we came back from France, I’ve been out twice. That is unusual for the PNW, according to my exceptionally scientific measirement of rainfall over the past 8 years by the method of ‘I don’t remember it being that wet before’.

It’s not a perfect methodology.

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Anyway. You’re not here to hear me complain. Nor would I do that to you. Never. Not once.

I was going somewhere with this. Oh. Yes. Leavenworth. We went there. It was really nice. The lower valley was a little damp from the rain the night before and the fog, but as we drove further up Icicle Creek, we were able to find dry rock.

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Teal on the finishing moves of Kelly's Bulge

Leavenworth sure is lovely this time of year. It’s so very colorful. And the conditions are perfect. So good, in fact that, Abby sent her very first v6(video) and I was able to take down a couple of things I had been working on for a while.

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Josh on Crimpsqueak Right

Josh, meanwhile, has been trying a line that hasn’t been repeated in around a decade. When we all went out he got really close, so he and I came back out a few days later, and he was able to finish it off (video).

The second time we went out there, when Josh sent the line, I wanted to try some camera magics. I have been kicking around the idea of shooting a Brenizer stitch of a bouldering scene. I really love that crazy-shalloew-depth-of-field-large-format look that the techinque produces and I think that there’s few things that are quite as visually stimulating as bouldering. Especially when it’s a line on a boulder like Pimpsqueak.

Tmp 579 dsc 4264   dsc 4294 2 2101309959

Right? I think it came out great. I actually missed 2 frames and had to work some clone stamp wizardry (see if you can find where I goofed). But overall I think it came out pretty good! And the nice thing is that it’s not that hard to do; it just takes a little bit of patience. From everyone. Josh had to do that move a few times before I got a frame that I wanted. Good thing he’s sick strong. But whatever. I’ll get better at it.