Straight outta Squampton


As I’ve been saying for a while now, it’s been a nice summer for climbing. But there’s one weekend in particular that stands out from the rest. Well, for me and Abby, anyway. Last week Teal sent her first V10, and Josh sent his first V12. But this isn’t about that. I wasn’t there, so I don’t have photos. #sorrynotsorry

Dsc 0858
David on Dr. Bigglesworth

No. This post is about another weekend. This is about Labor Day 2016. When we rented the most gangster palatial estate in the Squamish area and then rolled through the forest accordingly. Josh did a ton of hard stuff, as has been the recent pattern. I was hanging out with Abby, as she worked her projects, but I did get to witness Josh’s first v10 of the day. He ended up doing 2 more and then repeating them for the video.

Dsc 0872
Josh on the send go of Dr. Bigglesworth

Like I said, I followed Abby around for much of the first day. She wasn’t having much success and felt pretty down. In order to break up the monotony of trying the same climbs over and over, we went out to Murrin Park. There’s a classic line over there called Prime Time Sit Down that’s superb. I managed to flash it and Abby worked through all of the moves, but got too tired to do it in one session.

Dsc 0939
Teal on Prime Time Sit Down

The following morning we knew what needed to happen. Well, I did anyway. Abby was still feeling negative about this whole ‘climbing’ activity we’re putting ourselves through. But on we went. We slowly warmed up and with some better beta from Teal, Abby was able to break though her several month long send dry spell and did her first Squamish V5!

Dsc 0948
Abby on Prime Time sit down

And as If that wasn’t enough, Abby went on to finish 2 of her long standing projects: Tim’s Sloper Problem and Timeless!

Like I said, Josh didn’t send his first V12 that weekend, that was a few weeks later, but I did get to see him work it. Man, that climb is powerful!

Dsc 0975
Josh on The Summoning

Well, that’s all the Squamish I have for now. I managed to climb some really good climbs too and found a ton of climbs i’m excited to come back to and try, but not right now. Right now - well, next week - we are heading to Fontainebleau to squeeze some sandstone shapes, instead of the local granite ones. And it’s gona be awesome. Pictures coming soon.