Cannon Beach


Now that Abby’s done with graduate school, it’s adventure time! No more homework on the weekends, no more late night study sessions. From here on out it’s whatever-we-want-to-do-weekends and quiet evenings.

Dsc 7107

And our first destination is Cannon Beach, Oregon. Have you been to Cannon Beach? It’s just South of Astoria. As you pass the bridge, take a left and in about 20 minutes you’ll be in a Pacific paradise. I could probably go on for a while telling you all about how great it is, but 1000 words and all that, so here’s photos instead.

Dsc 7206
170: Halfway to Manzanita there's a great lookout point high above the Pacific that has some spectacular views
Dsc 7245
Abby & the Haystack
Dsc 7361
The ever-present mist is really part of the charm
Dsc 7497
So happy to be on the beach. : D
Dsc 7498
I should be a lifestyle photographer.
Dsc 7545
Dsc 7556
Because no trip is complete without at least one image of a crow
Dsc 7641
Dsc 7696
Dsc 7735
172: We just had to climb, even if a little

Wellp. That’s all for now. Hopefully there’s climbing coming up soon here. Can’t wait to squeeze some shapes!